--making microphone accesories since 1989
Is it ART or is it ADVERTISING?
Our twenty years of making microphone flags has introduced us to a whole range of micflag artwork. Some of this microfon flag art has been extremely legible at a distance. Some mic flag art is a waste of the advertising budget and might as well be blank for all the good it does.
The KIRO mic flag on the left is very artsy, both close up, and at a distance. Most important, though, is that the station call letters are recognizable. This mic flag art satisfies both sensibilities: Art and Advertising. The mic flag art on the right is extremely artsy when close-up, but very hard to discern at any distance. If you were to see this mic flag in a TV shot, a newspaper article, or at an event in a crowd, you would just see a blob of color.
SEE FOR YOURSELF! Back away from your computer and compare left and right. One has a legible message, the other disappears.
TRY THIS SIMPLE TEST: Print out your artwork at actual size and look at it from a distance. Since the purpose of mike flag advertising is to announce your presence, make it stand out. Remember that Joe Public doesn't know your mic flag art from any of the other stations. Make your station identifiable!